10 Best Art and Poster Transport Tubes 2023

Choosing the Best Art and Poster Transport Tubes can be tough, especially when you have to choose between models that are all alike. But it’s easy once you know what to look for in an art and poster transport tube that will help you stay organized and keep your posters safe during transit.  Here are the ten Art and Poster Transport Tubes of 2022, rated by users just like you.

Buyer Guide About Art and Poster Transport Tubes

There are several considerations to take into account when buying art and poster transport tubes. Price, brand, and durability should all be considered before you make your purchase. We have reviewed some of the best-selling products on offer today. Here are our recommendations for Best Art and Poster Transport Tubes 2022.

1- Transon Poster Documents Storage Tube Extendable

Transon’s poster storage tube is great for storing art, photo prints, documents, and important paperwork. To expand when you need to put more items in, it has a pull-out handle which makes extending very easy. The round, sturdy base provides optimum stability on any surface and includes rubber feet to prevent slipping and scratching. 

When you don’t need it as wide anymore, just pull out the handle again and push it back in. It’s also perfect for art transport. As you can easily pop your artwork inside without damaging or creasing anything thanks to its cushioned bottom. The front opening flap gives you instant access whenever you need something. 


  •  Its round shape and sturdy base make it perfect for storing art prints, documents, and important paperwork. 
  • The pull-out handle extends when you need to put more items in and can be pulled out again. 


  • I haven’t found any yet. 
  • It is well made and holds a lot. 

2 – 2-Pack Extendable Poster Tubes Expand from 30.5 to 49 with Shoulder Strap and Handle

This double-pack of compact, portable, and lightweight tubes with a shoulder strap. The handle is an ideal, space-saving way to transport artwork or posters. These convenient tubes with should strap ensure you have a secure and comfortable grip. While carrying your valuable artworks, or any other sensitive materials. 

They can be expanded from 30.5 (76cm) to 49 (124cm). The tubes come with a sturdy foam core backing so that your valuable originals will not be damaged in transit. 


  • Many reviewers thought these tubes were great for transporting artwork. 
  • They fit securely on rods to slide in and out without putting pressure on their precious contents. Although they are not weatherproof, these tubes have very good durability and do not tear easily. 
  • The shoulder strap allows for easy portability. 
  • while also preventing it from getting damaged or bent during transit.


  •  According to a few reviewers, some of these tubes may arrive with one or two broken clips.

3 – 2-Pack Extendable Poster Tubes Expand from 24.5 to 40 with Shoulder Strap

The 2-Pack Extendable Poster Tubes Expand from 24.5 to 40 With a Shoulder Strap is a good way to protect and secure your posters while they are in transit. These tubes can expand or collapse with a shoulder strap that extends or compresses them. They are designed to be carried comfortably by hand or over your shoulder. 

The tubes come in a set of two, each with a different diameter. so, you can easily transport multiple posters at once. They have an air valve on top for easy access. When collapsed, these tubes measure only 24.5 inches long. 


  • These tubes have an air valve on top for easy access. 
  • They also expand and collapse, which makes them easy to store when not in use. 
  • Their shoulder strap design makes carrying multiple posters easier. 
  • Especially if you are traveling or moving them from place to place.


  •  These tubes do not come with caps to keep dust out of your posters when they are in storage.

4 – White Expandable Storage Tube for Posters

White Expandable poster storage tubes are perfect for storing and transporting posters of all sizes. The unique accordion design allows you to expand or collapse based on your needs and is easily re-sealable with a zipper lock. Constructed from high-quality PVC, these storage tubes protect against dust, moisture, mold, and mildew.

 Available in multiple sizes, you can find one to fit virtually any job. Whether you’re moving or simply need a way to store art supplies at home. Expandable poster transport tubes are ideal for your needs. Most feature carry handles. An inexpensive way to store or transport posters.


  • Although white storage tubes are one of our most popular choices. 
  • there are many other color options available, like black or transparent.


  • They are not ideal if you’re looking to protect against extreme conditions such as water or air. 

5 – US Art Supply Large Black Telescoping Drafting Tube

This telescoping drafting tube is great for transporting art and posters. It also comes with a white cap at each end, so you can slide it onto a variety of things like a cardboard tube, shipping tube, or paint roller pole. 

One end has a padded handle for easy carrying and comfort. This drafting tube is lightweight and very sturdy perfect for when you’re on the go. This item may be ineligible for international shipping.


  • No assembly is required so you can be ready to go right out of the box. 


  • One person found that some tubes would not extend all of their ways or collapse back all their ways. 
  • Another person had trouble fitting a 19′′x24′′ poster inside.

6 – Sargent Art Document Storage Tube

If you want to take your drawings or documents with you on vacation, these storage tubes offer a great way to make sure they arrive safely. So, whether you’re transporting pictures or school papers, there’s an option for you. 

Plus, these tubes are pretty affordable and come in several different colors. Made of plastic, these might not be ideal for extremely wet environments but overall. For protecting your drawings or artwork while on vacation, they are our top pick.


  • Overall, if you’re looking for an inexpensive. 
  • Reliable storage tube for art or documents on vacation. 
  • These Sargent document transport tubes are a great choice. 


  • This document tube can be hard to insert and remove items from, especially if you have small hands.
  • If you put drawings or another flat artwork into it. 

7 – Pacific Arc Expandable Poster Storage Mailing Tube

On our Best Art and Poster Transport Tubes list is a product that has different dimensions. Its basic structure is a cylinder or tube with one end closed off. This type of tube, which you can use to transport your posters and artwork safely. Comes in numerous sizes so that you can select the one best suited for your items’ height and width. 

The Pacific Arc Expandable poster storage mailing tube has an excellent storage capacity. which means that it can accommodate large frames without any issues. It also has integrated plastic caps on both ends to protect. whatever is inside from moisture as well as dust and dirt. Moreover, it comes with an easy-to-use threaded lid that doesn’t require any special tools to install or remove.


  • The Pacific Arc Expandable poster storage mailing tube is very durable and won’t break or tear easily. 
  • You can, therefore, rest assured that it will keep your artwork safe as you transport it to your desired location. 


  • Pacific Arc Expandable Poster Storage Mailing Tube has limited options in terms of sizes available. 
  • so, if you have a work that doesn’t fall within one of their size specifications. 

8 – DYNWAVE Extendable Poster Plastic Tubes

The DYNWAVE Extendable Poster Plastic Tube is made of sturdy clear plastic. Its triangular shape adds stability to prevent tipping. with a reinforced handle and cap that is attached to one side. Its telescopic design allows for easy moving and storage when not in use. This poster tube can accommodate rolls measuring up to 72 inches long by 8 1/2 inches wide.

 DYNWAVE Extendable Poster Plastic Tubes come in many sizes to accommodate different sized posters and artwork, including 24 x 36 poster tubes, 36 x 48 poster tubes, 24 x 36-inch art tubes, and 72 x 48-inch art tubes. DYNWAVE offers a wide range of rotating and display systems such as multi-row book stands. center mount poster displays as well as various accessories like A-Frames, graphic racks, and countertop products. Their goal is to create innovative solutions that enable you to create eye-catching displays while staying within your budget.


  • These Best Art and Poster Transport Tubes are convenient for both storage and transport of your posters. 
  • The reinforced handle and cap can be easily carried. One person can do it with ease. 
  • DYNWAVE Extendable Poster Plastic Tubes are also versatile, durable, and high quality. 
  • They make great promotional tools because they are reliable to transport posters without damage.


  • This may not be the best choice to store your posters but great for transporting them to different places.

9 – Expandable Blueprint Carrying Tubes

Expandable Blueprint tubes are available in a range of sizes, and with each size comes a range of uses. If you have an important set of blueprints or valuable art prints that need to be transported safely and securely. Look no further than our review of various blueprint carrying tubes. We’ve compared many different brands and models. so, you can choose one based on your own unique needs. Our top pick is also very affordable, making it a great value. 

These tubes come in a variety of materials including plastic, wood, and aluminum. Some include wheels while others do not. You may want to consider how much weight you plan to transport before choosing which type of blueprint carrying tube is best for you. Many people use these types of tubes for long-term storage purposes rather than transporting them from place to place regularly.


  • It is expandable to allow for more room if you need it. 
  • Expandable Blueprint tubes are easy to transport because they collapse flat and expand. 
  • when they are needed. 
  • Most people who have used these types of tubes like them because they have a wide range of applications. 


  • Expandable Blueprint tubes aren’t appropriate for moving big quantities of heavy items.

10 – Chartpak Rapidesign Large Expandable Tube

The Chartpak Rapidesign Large Expandable Tube features a clear, protective cover that snaps on and off easily. It is also expandable to hold larger posters and documents up to 27 x 39 in size. The lightweight tube provides protection and portability for art and poster projects.

Protective cover that snaps on and off easily with sturdy carry handle Sturdy expandable tube. Holds larger posters or documents up to 27 x 39 inches in size. Collapses when not in use for easy storage Locking clip secures artwork inside Shipping weight.


  • The Chartpak Rapidesign Large Expandable Tube is lightweight, durable, and expandable. 
  • The locking clip helps ensure artwork stays in place and can be stored when not in use. 
  • The Chartpak Rapidesign Large Expandable Tube comes with a sturdy handle that makes transporting it easier.


  • It does not come with an airtight seal and items inside may move or shift during transport.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Art and Poster Transport Tubes 2022

What Are the Benefits of Art Transport Tubes? 

There are several advantages to using art transport tubes. They may be displayed in a case to protect them from dust and light. You can also use them to stack art, documents, or other items on shelving without worrying about things falling off or out of place. 

If you have large collections that you regularly need to pack up and move around, these tubes are extremely useful as well. You simply pack your items into individual tubes and then tape them shut with clear packing tape when they’re all full.

 What are my transport tube options?

You can either go for a canvas roll which is ideal for art transport tubes. The roll comes with 2 cloth flaps that help prevent any dirt or dust from getting into your tube while in transit. You could also get cardboard tubes that come pre-assembled and unassembled if you plan on doing some DIY action yourself. 

These cardboard tubes are heavy-duty and hard-wearing. so they’re great for long-distance shipping and storing. When it comes to shipping these tubes come flat packed and need to be assembled before you can use them. When it comes to storage, they may be stacked or stored on their sides.


Although there are many Best Art and Poster Transport Tubes, that does not mean that you should settle for a poor product. Make sure to do your research and find one that is made out of durable material and is well constructed so it will last. 

You must also ensure that your posters will not be destroyed during your transfer. Consequently, they should be able to travel while standing. There are several Art & Poster Transport Tubes available for purchase. only ensure that it will protect your posters throughout transport.

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