Best Crochet Sets for Beginners 2024

A crochet kit is an excellent place to start if you are a novice. Crochet kits for beginners are another fantastic way to expand your crafting supplies. Crocheting is an art. If you’re new to crocheting or have been doing it for a long time, the best crochet sets for beginners may help you improve.

The supplies included in the best crochet sets for beginners differ, and the appropriate one for you will depend on how you want to learn to crochet and what you want to produce.

If you wish to learn the art of crafting, search for a package that includes crochet hooks, small items such as stitch markers and darning needles, yarn, and directions for fundamental crochet stitches or particular projects.

Buyers Guide

Before you invest your money in a product, you should thoroughly educate yourself on the possible choices and the best crochet sets for beginners available on the market. To simplify your work, we have developed a list of elements you should consider before purchasing a Crochet kit for beginners.

A nice pair of crochet hooks are an essential component of every crochet kit. Many Crochet kits for beginners come in various sizes to accommodate various yarn thicknesses. If you want to keep to one sort of project, like blankets or sweaters, there’s no need to pack a large selection. However, having the additional equipment is worthwhile if you want to experiment with various yarn weights.

Top 7 Best Crochet Sets for Beginners in 2022

The following are the 7 best crochet sets for beginners in 2022. There are basic packages that include a few basic materials, as well as more complex sets that have a variety of basics, like yarn, to get you started. 

If you’re a newbie and struggling to pick a crochet kit to buy, here are the seven best crochet sets for beginners that won’t let you down.

1-4M Toysmith

If you want Crochet kits for beginners, we recommend buying a complete kit that includes all of the necessary equipment and instructions. That way, kids can get straight into the joy of utilizing it instead of engaging in a possibly daunting trip to the yarn shop even if they’re not sure what they’re looking for yet. This 4M kit is a fantastic illustration of what we mean!

The best aspect of this kit is that it includes a variety of yarn colors instead of one, so your kids will still feel like they have some say in their first craft. Aside from the hook and notions, it also contains a really easy book that is visual, full of excellent basic instructions, and will potentially help them produce things, so they feel like they are making things rather than simply tying knots in the yarn.

Best Crochet Sets for Beginners -4M Toysmith, Easy-To-Do Crochet Kit, Art & Crafts DIY Kit, For Boys & Girls Ages 8+
4M Toysmith


  • It comes with an excellent user manual.
  • It is appropriate for youngsters aged 8 and above.


  • The hooks are of poor quality.

2-24 Acrylic Yarn Skeins

Do you think your kids would prefer organized crochet lessons? If so, are you trying to give them as many assets and choices as possible? Then we believe this entire Crochet kit for beginners from Mira Hand Crafts could be a bit more up your alley!

Alongside offering you an entire color spectrum in whole balls of yarn, instead of buying samples of each, they also supply you with seven valuable e-books that give lessons in the fundamentals, lead you through novice tasks, and teach you how to start and finish specific things correctly. It’s almost like the kit arrives with its tiny courses.

Best Crochet Sets for Beginners -24 Acrylic Yarn Skeins | Total of 525 Yards Craft Yarn for Knitting and Crochet | Includes 2 Crochet Hooks, 2 Weaving Needles, 7 E-Books | DK Yarn | Perfect Beginner Kit | by Mira Handcrafts
24 Acrylic Yarn Skeins


  • A lot of color variety.
  • There are several e-books to get you started.


  • The skeins are really small.

3-Looen Crochet Hooks Set

As we go, the settings get somewhat more detailed! Because of its vast range of smaller needles, we’ve seen many extremely skilled crochet aficionados utilize this one. This is essential since some sets, particularly those geared at beginners, tend to skip over many of the very tiny sizes, which seem to be the ones you’ll need because you ever want to learn fundamental and fascinating skills like lace crochet or amigurumi, all of which are produced in a minute!

In addition to the hooks, this LOOEN set has a handy zipped insert pocket in the center of its book-style hook case. Everything stated in the previous two kits is included here, as well as needle caps in case you ever construct anything that combines double-ended knitting needles and crochet hook work. Of course, the most excellent part of the Crochet kits for beginners is that the exterior of the book is covered with cats! It’s not the most useful function, but it caught our eye.

Best Crochet Sets for Beginners- Looen Crochet Hooks Set-Yarn Needles Coloured Aluminum with Storage Case Rubbery Handle Ergonomic Comfort Grip DIY Craft Handmake Kit 64pcs
Looen Crochet Hooks Set


  • It includes 47 hooks and numerous additional attachments.
  • In a carrying case, it is nicely packaged.


  • The hooks are not going to last very long.

4-Luxbon Crochet Hooks Set

Is it that you are pretty set in ideas since you bought a Crochet kit for beginners before you even began, but you think you’ve progressed beyond the basic hooks that arrived with it, and you’re looking for something a bit sleeker and with more range now? Then Luxbon’s colored aluminum-handled set would be an excellent substitute!

This collection does not include ideas, which is OK if you require hooks. The size range is reasonable, with the lowest 2 mm and the biggest 10 mm. Including 0.5 mm increments is enough, but there are a few gaps you may want to address if you perform a job requiring it. This set does not include a carrying case; they will come in an adorable little box, but that cardboard will not survive as soon as it is meant for us when we crocheted.

Best Crochet Sets for Beginners -Luxbon Crochet Hooks Set 14Pcs Multicolor Aluminum Handle Knitting Needles Crochet Needles Craft Yarn 2-10mm
Luxbon Crochet Hooks Set


  • Aluminum is used to make the hooks.
  • Sizes vary, with numerals carved on the body.


  • Some hooks will catch the wool.

5-KOKNIT Crochet Hooks Set

Have you completed one or two projects and are confident that you will continue to enjoy your new pastime, but you believe it is time to equip yourself better? Then we propose investing in a complete Crochet kit for beginners of crochet hooks in various sizes and all of the essential supplies! This lovely little Crochet kit for beginners by KOKNIT exemplifies what we mean.

This package includes stitch markers, darning needles in their little box, and a measuring tape, in addition to a set of appropriately sized hooks that you may use for the next ten years owing to their metal tips and cushioned handles. Probably best of all, everything comes in a cute pink zipping bag, so you can keep everything tidy without wasting anything!

Best Crochet Sets for Beginners - KOKNIT Crochet Hooks Set (10 PCS Bohemia)
KOKNIT Crochet Hooks Set


  • It arrives with a stylish organizer.
  • There are several different sizes of crochet hooks included.


  • The kit is a little pricey.

6-49 Crochet Kits

Forty-one high-quality pieces in this Azerogo Crochet kit for beginners will help you hook up with crochet. Although the instruction manual is missing, you may start watching internet video lessons. Crafts like amigurumi, knitting, and granny squares may all be made with this kit.

You will get a free zipped bag to store your crochet hooks and other small equipment. There are 12 100-yard skeins of acrylic yarn. So, you won’t have to buy yarn for each project.

Best Crochet Sets for Beginners - 49 Crochet Kits with Yarn - Includes 16x50g Acrylic Crochet Yarn Balls, 7 Crochet Hooks, Scissors, Needles, Stitch Markers & More for Crochet and Knitting - Beginner Kits for Adults and Kids
49 Crochet Kits


  • Exceptionally soft acrylic yarn.
  • Beginners are encouraged.
  • Products of high grade.


  • There is no guidebook.

7-Learn Crochet! Kit by Susan Bates

This Susan Bates kit is the best crochet sets for beginners. You receive 30 crafts to try your hand at crocheting, as well as an elementary instruction booklet (including left-hand directions) featuring excellent illustrations.

The kit does not include any yarn. The instruction manual, on the other hand, will assist you in determining the best thread to use.

Best Crochet Sets for Beginners - Learn Crochet! Kit
Learn Crochet! Kit by Susan Bates


  • Directions are clear and simple to follow.
  • A decent selection of crochet hooks.
  • Markers with a soft grip.


  • No fiber.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the simplest crochet project for a beginner?

If you’re starting, you may attempt crocheting a simple beanie cap, handkerchief, shawl, coaster set, tiny blanket, or anything similar.

Is knitting more difficult than crocheting?

The answer is that crochet is easy than knitting. This is because the first method requires a single hook and does not need the user to move their fingers back and forth between the needles as they work.


So, there you have it. Whether searching for the best crochet sets for beginners with restricted components or a full-fledged kit to construct even the most intricate creations in your spare time, our review guideline covers you.Because there are so many fantastic products, finding the best crochet sets for beginners’ items may be difficult. Hopefully, this purchasing guideline will assist you in selecting the best crochet sets for beginners for your specific requirements.

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