Best Curve Rulers For Sewing 2024

Sewing is one of those crafts that help many individuals express their creative side. Sewing involves the usage of different fabrics and combining them to create something new and beautiful. But for creating anything when it comes to sewing, measurements play a significant role because, without measures, the design that was once in the mind of someone without proper and accurate measurements cannot be turned into a real thing. One wrong calculation, and the entire design is ruined. So how do one take precise measurements for sewing any fabric? Different tools are available to help sew, such as curve rulers. 

Factors to consider before buying curve rulers for sewing

Consider some of the following things before buying curve rulers for sewing:

  • Material: Make sure the curve ruler is built using durable plastic materials. Some curve rulers for sewing are coated with vinyl giving them extra strength.
  • Usability: Some curve rulers for sewing have multiple functions, like the french curve ruler. The french curve ruler can also work as a stylish curve ruler.
  • Affordability: Curve rulers for sewing are sometimes expensive. If you buy them in a set, it can be cheaper than purchasing individual rulers.
  • Size: Every curve ruler has a different size. When buying one, remember who you are making the garment with; the sizes of a child and an adult are different. The purpose of most curve rulers is to measure neckline and sleeve caps.

Note* If you want to take straight measurements, use the straight rulers for sewing. 

Different Types of Measuring Rulers for Sewing

Measuring rulers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Each measuring ruler works for a specific part of the dress, which is as follows:

  •  Hip curve ruler

The hip curve ruler is used to make adjustments for the hip line, but the ruler is not just limited to the hip line. It can work anywhere if there is a curve. For example, it can work to make the elbow or for hemline measurements. 

  • French curve ruler:

The use of a french curve ruler for sewing is to make minut adjustments or fittings. The french curve ruler best works for measuring the neckline. It can also help make the pockets and draw smooth curves of different radii. Usually, the french curve rulers are transparent, making it easy for the person to see and mark. 

  • Styling design curve ruler:

It is used for the adjustments of the neckline or sleeve cap. The styling design curve ruler works best for making side seam adjustments.

  • Acrylic Quilting Rulers:

The acrylic quilting ruler is made of transparent plastic and comes in different shapes and sizes, this curve ruler for sewing is used to make triangles, squares, and other shapes when quilting.

  • ​Flexible Curve Ruler:

The flexible curve ruler is the best equipment for the measurements of the armholes and neck holes. It can easily bend and take the object’s shape to be measured.

  • ​T-Square:

This type of curve ruler for sewing helps take large fabric measurements. The use of T-square is for altering the fabric.

  • Tape measure:

One of the most common tools used for taking any measurements is the tape measure. The tape measure is built of fabric and works to measure body and pattern sizes. If you want to duplicate a garment or measure seam line, the tape can be utilized.

  • Meter ruler:

The only purpose of a meter rule is to measure long fabric pieces where no curve is involved, as the meter ruler is usually made of wood and cannot bend or take the shape of the desired object.

  • Set square:

The use of a set square is to make straight lines on the fabric. It is also used to add seam allowance to the sewing pattern.

The best curve rulers for sewing come in all shapes and sizes. Each ruler measures different parts of the garment.

Importance of Curve Rulers for Sewing

Measurements are vital when working on a sewing project, and taking these measurements accurately requires proper tools, and this is when these curve rulers come in. The best curve rulers for sewing help the person take accurate measurements for each part of the garment and help create different patterns.

Top 7 Best Curving Rulers for Sewing on Amazon

Here are the top 7 best curve rulers you can buy from Amazon for your next sewing project

1:Dritz Styling Design Ruler by Dritz store 

Dritz Styling design ruler is a multifunctional tool that features the French Curve, Hip Curve, Straight Ruler, and Cut-Out Slots. The styling ruler helps in designing and altering with precision and ease. 


The ruler works if alteration is done in the garment in general. The Dritz styling design ruler helps in the accurate measurement of curved or straight edges. The ruler measures inches, designed for sewing, quilting, or any other crafting project.

Price: The product is available on Amazon for $17.49

Best Curve Rulers For Sewing - Dritz Styling Design Ruler Rulers & Accessories, Clear
Dritz Styling Design Ruler by Dritz Store 

2:13PCS Styling Sewing French Curve Ruler Set by EXTCCT Store

The package features 13 different styling curve rulers, including:

  • The Ten Rulers
  • Button Ruler
  • Curve Ruler
  • Scale Triangle
  • Grading Ruler
  • Cutting Ruler
  • Clothing Scale
  • Arm Sleeve Ruler
  • Snake Shape Ruler
  • Two Tracing Wheel
  • One Tape Ruler.

Measurements for making pants can be difficult, and one wrong measure can easily ruin the entire shape and design of the pants or sleeves, but with the help of these styling rulers, you can get the most accurate measurements for your pants or sleeves. The rulers are best for beginners as well as professionals.


It is used for giving a natural look to the hip line that is drawn for pants or skirts. The french curve set can also be used to make sleeves. Made from transparent plastic and clear marking, these rulers are easy to use.

Price: The 13 pcs styling sewing rulers are available on Amazon for $28.99

13PCS Styling Sewing French Curve Ruler Set13PCS Styling Sewing French Curve Ruler Set, Dress Makers Ruler Clear Sewing Tailors Pattern Making Ruler for Fashion Design and Guides for Fabric (English Language Mark on Rulers)
13PCS Styling Sewing French Curve Ruler Set

3:Mr. Pen- Ruler by Mr. Pen Store

Mr.Pen is a 24-inch flexible curved ruler with a coating that prevents vinyl discoloring. This curve ruler for sewing can easily adjust to the desired shape and hold the shape for accurate measurements.


The use of Mr.pen ruler is for measuring curved seams. It can also work if a curved quilt design is involved. In addition to its usage in sewing, this curved ruler can also work for drawing. The markings on the ruler are both in inches and centimeters.

Price: the Mr.pen ruler is available on Amazon for $8.95.

Mr. Pen- Ruler, Flexible Curve Ruler, 24 Inch Ruler, Rulers for Drawing and Sewing, Curve Ruler, Curved Ruler, Bendable Ruler, Flexible Curve Template, Flexi Curve, Flexible Ruler for Engineering
Mr. Pen- Ruler by Mr. Pen Store

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4: COCODE Sewing Tools 4 Style by COCODE

The product consists of 4 different rulers:

  • 1 triangular ruler (9.1 x 4.4 x 8.7inch)
  • 1comma ruler (11.8inch)
  • 1 half-round ruler (10 x 5.3inch)
  • 1 multifunction ruler (10.2 x 4.9inch)

The rulers are made up of durable transparent plastic material with good flexibility.


The use of this ruler for sewing is for cutting, drawing, plate, and designing the fabric. Comes with a built-in scale for easy measurements.  

Price: COCOBE sewing tools are available on Amazon for $ 11.69

COCODE Sewing Tools 4 Stlye Sew French Curve Metric Shaped Ruler Measure for Sewing Dressmaking Pattern Design DIY Clothing Bendable Drawing Template, Perfect for Designers, Pattern Maker and Tailors
COCODE Sewing Tools 4 Style by COCODE

5: CLOVER Hot Press Perfect Ruler by CLOVER

The CLOVER hot press perfect ruler contains one 2-1/2×10 inch hot ruler, which is heat resistant, meaning that iron can be put directly on the ruler, and it can hold the fabric in one place.


This ruler for sewing is used for measuring, folding, marking, and pressing long hems. The fabric should be folded over the ruler, and the edge should match the size needed. The corner should be folded to fit the miter line.

Price:  the product is available on Amazon for $12.52

CLOVER Hot Press Perfect Ruler
CLOVER Hot Press Perfect Ruler by CLOVER

6: 60 Degree Diamond Ruler by Creative Grid

If you want to make designs using shapes such as diamonds, parallelograms, or hexagons, then the 60-degree diamond ruler is the perfect product that you can use. The ruler easily slides over the fabric, and when applied to pressure, the ruler will easily hold the material.


The 60-degree diamond ruler helps measure and cut diamonds, hexagons, and triangles up to 8-1/2 inches. The markings on the ruler help to cut 120-degree side-setting triangles.

Price: Creative grid sells the 60-degree diamond ruler on Amazon for $34.99

Creative Grids 60 Degree Diamond Ruler - CGR60DIA
60 Degree Diamond Ruler by Creative Grid

7: Sew Seam Allowance Ruler by Madam Sew Store

The Sew Seam allowance ruler works with many sewing rulers and measures allowances from 1/8” up to 2”. The ruler consists of 17 different incremental holes that help to create 1/8”, 1/4″, 3/8”, 1/2″, 5/8”, 3/4″, 7/8”, 1”, 1-1/8”, 1-1/4”, 1-3/8”, 1-1/2”, 1-5/8”, 1-3/4”, 1-7/8” and 2”, comes with the magnetic sewing guide which helps to create long, straight seams on any fabric. With 2.5” x 5.5, the ruler also helps to cut small pieces for home decor. The product is also compatible with different brands of sewing machines.


The Sew seam allowance ruler comes with a 1/4-inch pivot marking point used for sewing around corners of a pillow, fabric coasters, or bean bags and can also be used to create quilt blocks. Its other usage is that it seams guide slip under your presser foot and can align the needle with the hole to meet target seam allowance.

Madam Sew Seam Allowance Ruler and Magnetic Seam Guide for Sewing Machine – Perforated Seam Gauge for Perfect 1/8” to 2” Straight Line Hems – Includes 1/4” Pivot Point and 45 Degree Trim Line
Sew Seam Allowance Ruler by Madam Sew Store

Some Awesome Tips for using curve rulers for sewing

Certain things should be kept in mind to work seamlessly with the curve rulers:

  • Apply slight pressure when taking measurements. This is done so that the ruler does not move.
  • For quilting, the direction of the ruler would be different compared to the ruler. It is essential to ensure that you track the movement of the needle.
  • Make sure the markings on the ruler are visible to you when taking the measurement.
  • Take the measurements twice but cut once.
Sewing tips for beginners
  • At first, try to make designs on a small piece of fabric. If you are ok with that design, replicate it on a bigger part of fabric.
  • When working on seams, continue to press them down throughout your sewing project; this way, the seams will lay flat and look good.
  • Use lots of pins to keep the fabric in one place when taking measurements.
  • The easiest way to make the hem is only to use one pin. If you use a lot of pins, you will forget which pin you used for taking the measurements.
  • When working on multiple layers, try not to use regular pins. Use the bulldog clips because this will protect your fabric.
  • Buy a good-quality needle. This will help in giving a more refined look to the garment.


1: Do I need to buy all types of curve rulers for sewing:

No, you don’t need to buy all the rulers. Some rulers can have multiple purposes. Like the curved ruler that can easily perform the duty of a french curve ruler. In the end, it all depends on the type of garments or the type of pattern you are making.

2: What basic rulers do you need for sewing?

There are many types of curve rulers, but the most important ones are 

  • The tape measure
  • French curve ruler
  • Styling design curve ruler 
  • The flexible curve ruler.
3: How do you use a flexible curve ruler?

Using a flexible curve ruler is simple and easy. All you need to do is bend the ruler into the desired shape and then take the measurements. After measuring, trace the pattern on the chosen fabric.

4: What are the uses of a french curve ruler?

The french curve rulers have versatile uses. The following are its used

  •  To sew patterns 
  • To make alterations in the neckline, hipline, or waistline.


Sewing is a creative activity by which people create beautiful pieces of art. Like any other art, sewing also requires careful planning and proper tools to stitch any garment. For every part of garment that you build or every piece of the pattern that you sew, you need first to make proper calculations and make an estimation of how much fabric you require or what sort of pattern you want to make. Any professional designer will tell you that you would at least need some of the primary curve rulers to stitch something. The curve rulers will help anyone, whether a professional or an amateur, take proper measurements. Be free to stitch whatever you like.

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