Best Washable Glue Sticks For Kids 2024

Cutters, scissors, glue, etc., are essential tools for a craft enthusiast. These Best Washable Glue Sticks for Kids will provide superior results when pasting and attaching the different components. 

Crafting may require adhering to diverse materials and textures, for which a standard glue may not be as effective as a specialist one. Choosing washable glue sticks suitable for the kids you will be utilizing in your craft project is crucial while searching for washable glue sticks for Kids to buy.

You need these glue sticks if you are a teacher, a parent, or just like doing arts and crafts at home. Washable Glue Sticks, like colored pencils, drawing tables, and sketchbooks, are crucial to the artistic process and can provide a variety of other advantages.

The Best Glue Sticks for Kids would be able to adhere to paper, wood, plastic, stones, and other substances. The glue must also resist heat and water and can’t come off over time.

Importance of Washable Glue Sticks for a Kid

From scrapbooking your experiences around the globe to creating a souvenir for each of your kid’s significant milestones, they are essential for preserving them at home. In the classroom, it allows pupils to express their creativity and prepares them for a lifetime of interest and inventiveness. This list meets every need, from conventional washable glue sticks to brand-new formulations.

Washable glue sticks designed for paper vary from those designed for other materials, such as felt and wood. We can assist you in selecting the ideal glue stick by assessing the job you will be doing.

Factors To Consider Before Buying a Glue Gun For Your Kid

Each washable glue stick dispenses melted glue, but based on the crafts and repairs you do most often, one type may be more appropriate for this project. Considering aspects such as the unit’s actual temperature and the amount of glue it distributes can help you make the best decision.

Hot and Hotter

Low-temperature and high-temperature hot glue guns each have their own optimal applications.

The Wattage Factor

The higher the wattage, the hotter the glue gun, the quicker it will heat, and the longer it will remain hot. Most low-temperature glue guns have a power range of 10 to 20 watts. High-temperature guns begin at 20 watts and may reach 100 watts or more.

Dual-Temp Glue Guns

Some glue guns include settings that allow the user to vary between high and low temperatures. A temperature-adjustable gun may be ideal for various crafts and do-it-yourself tasks.

Gun Size

The size of a glue gun corresponds to the kind of glue stick it can accommodate. A tiny glue gun uses sticks with a diameter of 0.27 inches, whereas full-size glue guns use sticks with a diameter of 0.44 inches.

10 of the Best Washable Glue Sticks for Kids in 2024

We examined some of the Best Washable Glue Sticks on the market to assist you in selecting the Best for your Kids, for your home repair, and DIY projects. Whether you’re looking for your first glue gun or upgrade to a higher-end model, stay reading to discover how to assess those tools and why we picked the models below as the best for most crafters and DIYers. The 10 Best Washable Glue Sticks for Kids were chosen following a comprehensive market assessment and product validation.

1-Elmer’s Disappearing Purple School Glue Sticks

best washable glue sticks

The Elmer’s Disappearing Purple School Glue Sticks come in a box of 30 and are an excellent choice for classrooms and kids. Since these glue sticks are safe and don’t contain acid, even young kids can use them. If the glue finds its way into your child’s mouth by mistake, it is not harmful to their health.

These Washable Glue Sticks are suitable for many paper kinds and textures. Elmer’s Disappearing Purple School Glue Sticks attach to paper, cardboard, foam board, and other substances of a similar style. Your kids or youngsters will love making Christmas cards and other crafts with these glue sticks since the glue glides over the paper without leaving clumps. Additionally, the glue is quick-drying, so your products will set swiftly.

If you accidentally get adhesive on your clothing, it is chemical-free and simple to remove. Place your clothes in the washing machine regularly or wash them with soap and water under the faucet.


  • It is available in packs of 60.
  • Non-Toxic
  • Washable


  • The size of glue sticks is less than anticipated.

2-Gorilla Kids Disappearing Purple Glue Sticks

glue sticks for kids

These Washable Glue Sticks are an excellent addition to preschools and classrooms. These glue sticks are entirely washable and non-toxic. 

Those glue sticks are a vibrant shade of purple. This makes it easier for young kids to determine where they have used glue and where they have not. It dries rapidly, and as it dries, the purple hue disappears. It would be helpful if you were not concerned about your child’s artwork taking on a purplish color.

Cardstock, paper, felt, and more items are suitable with the Gorilla School Glue Sticks. Your youngsters and pupils will enjoy letting their imaginations run wild. Nevertheless, some consumers note that the glue is not nearly as adhesive as anticipated. Heavy materials, such as sequins or cotton balls, need a large amount of adhesive.


  • Initially seems purple but dries transparent.
  • Suitable with several materials
  • non-hazardous and washable


  • Not highly sticky.

3-Elmer’s All-Purpose School Glue Sticks

Elmer’s All-Purpose School Glue Stick is our top recommendation for the Best Washable Glue Sticks for Kids accessible. It is suitable for craft enthusiasts and educators since the 30-count box ensures that no two or three pupils must share a glue stick.

It adheres to various substrates, including paper, cardboard, and display boards, providing the flexibility required for multiple crafts. Additionally, the recipe is non-toxic and acid-free so that you won’t destroy your clothing, and washable. Because it dries quickly, quality is guaranteed as soon as it is put on the surface.

There is no better alternative accessible if you’re seeking a solution that combines exceptional adaptability for both business and personal usage.


  • Able to adhere to various materials, like paper, foam, and cardboard.
  • Easily removable off clothing, fingers, and surfaces.
  • These glue sticks are entirely child-safe.
  • Dries transparent for a beautiful final product.


  • No cons are available.

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4-UHU Stic Permanent Clear Application Glue Stick

UHU glue sticks are the best option if you take your crafts seriously. Instead of rubbing the glue stick back and forth, you may make one pass with them since they dry rapidly and provide a strong grip. They also dry transparently, so any remaining material won’t be visible.

The sticks may be cleaned as well. Even better, the glue sticks are acid-free, making them suitable for use with picture paper. Given 12 sticks, making this bundle a terrific buy.


  • Solid grip; not acidic.
  • Quick to dry and prevents paper from wrinkling.


  • A little pricey.

5-Krazy Glue KG94548R Glue

We suggest Krazy Glue Home & Office if you’re seeking an adhesive to use on plastic. The adaptable solution and brush applicator make it simple to adhere to plastic goods of different forms, sizes, and densities.

You will get an instantaneously firm grip that endures the test of time and a transparent, scarcely visible finish. Krazy Glue may also be used on ceramic and metal surfaces.


  • Excellent for plastic.
  • Use friendly brush tips.
  • Powerful glue.


  • The bottle’s tiny size makes it hard to open.
  • Easy to dry out.

6-Amazon Basics Purple Washable School Glue Sticks

The Amazon Basics Purple Washable School Washable Glue Sticks are the Best Washable Glue Sticks for Kids accessible. Again, various pack sizes are available to accommodate any classroom or personal creative requirements, and the solid adhesive guarantees that whatever you adhere to will remain securely in place.

It is simple to remove off the table, your hands, or your clothing, and the formula is safe and non-toxic, so there is no chance of becoming ill from using it. This provides you peace of mind and ensures a simple clean-up after the course, allowing you to go to the next class immediately. The twist base is straightforward and suitable for all ages, while the cap firmly clips back to guarantee longevity. Check out our evaluations of the top wood glues on the market if you enjoy working with wood.


  • Appearing purple when applied but dries clear.
  • Safe and non-toxic composition.
  • Supported by the 1-year Amazon Basics warranty.


  • High price.

7-Avery Glue Stick White Washable Nontoxic

The Avery Glue Stick is available in a compact six-pack that is an outstanding deal for home-usage. Place one in your pencil case, one on your home office desk, and the rest in a drawer.

Its smooth application adheres firmly to many materials and surfaces, including paper, pictures, cardboard, foam board, cloth, and even glass. This spectrum exhibits tremendous flexibility and makes it a must-have for painters.

The non-toxic and acid-free recipe makes it safe for youngsters to use, and the larger size makes it excellent for larger projects, covering more surface area at once to save time and reduce the amount of glue required for each project. Check out some of the top PVA glues in our list, as you may like them.


  • Appearing white when applied, drying clear.
  • Unflimsy and uniform application.
  • The recipe is acid-free, non-toxic, and washable.


  • Not suitable for more significant bigger projects.

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8-Scotch Permanent Glue Sticks

It should be no surprise that the Scotch Permanent Glue Sticks are our top pick for the Best Washable Glue Sticks for Kids since they are a recognized stationery industry titan. It is available in several pack sizes, allowing you to choose the optimal option for every scenario.

Its fast-acting construction ensures a secure binding with the substrate if it is paper, photographs, or other lightweight materials. The recipe is also non-toxic and suitable for kids to use, and since it is acid-free, it will not harm yellow paper even after several years.

 If you (or whoever) create a mess, it is simple to clean using warm water and a moist towel, giving you one less thing to worry about while supervising an overly-excited classroom. Check out such top electric pencil sharpeners for additional essential creative supplies.


  • Various pack sizes.
  • Rapid bonding
  • Compatible with children.
  • Non-acidic and non-toxic.
  • Simple to clean.


  • Hard to clean.

9-Cra-Z-art Washable Glue Sticks Pack of 3

The Cra-Z-Art Washable Glue Sticks come in 2 pack sizes, varying from 2 counts to 3 counts. While it does give the full potential of other alternatives, it still makes it suitable for home usage, and you can also take them on excursions or maintain one at the workplace.

Likewise, you can appreciate the straightforward and speedy cleaning, whether on your hands, desk, or clothes, and the acid-free solution is appropriate for all ages. It’s also non-toxic for added peace of mind.


  • Washable
  • Acid-free formula
  • Safe and non-toxic


  • Not durable.
  • It takes time to dry.

10-Colorations® Premium White Washable Glue Sticks

The Colorations Washable Glue Sticks for Kids provide the best value and are one of the most practical solutions for teachers stocking up before the start of the school year. There are three pack sizes to select from, 12, 30, and 50 count, so regardless of the classroom size, each student has access to a glue stick.

The composition is quick-drying, and the application is effortless to avoid missed places that might compromise endurance. This also ensures no mess, saving time after class and preventing frantic phone calls from parents about their children’s dirty hands.

 Here are some enjoyable adult coloring books for those days you feel particularly artistic.


  • Various pack sizes.
  • Concise drying.
  • Simple utilization.
  • Completely washable.


  • High price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most formidable hot glue?

Use a high-temperature glue gun and hot-melt glue sticks to join sturdy materials such as wood, metal, and thick cardboard.

What temperature is suggested for a hot glue gun?

High-temperature glue sticks melt at temperatures ranging from 375 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas low-temperature glue sticks melt at temperatures ranging from 200 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. The wattage of the glue gun will affect how soon it reaches the melting point.


When crafting the ideal arts and crafts project, all of your components must cling together correctly. Using glue formulated particularly for the materials you’re using is a terrific method to improve the aesthetic of your products and keep them held together for a long time.

Elmer’s All-Purpose School Washable Glue Stick is the product that we suggest. This glue is made to work with a wide range of textures and components, such as paper, cardboard, card stock, and much more. This bundle also comes in a box of 30, making it ideal for classes or big projects. With Elmer’s All-Purpose School Adhesive Sticks, you can stay focused while eliminating the fear of running out of glue.

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